Petition 2


Contingent employees at Binghamton University are comprised of all Professional Staff and Academic Faculty with an appointment for which continuing appointment or permanent appointment is not prescribed, meaning that contingent employees have little to no job security. This precarious employment status also means that their access to healthcare benefits is continually unstable and, especially in this public health crisis, a source of profound anxiety.

Despite their insecure status, our contingent colleagues have created and sustained programs, established new courses, served on key campus committees and task forces, and in general supported students in all facets of their educational experience at Binghamton University. Their work has added tremendous value to our institution, in the form of unique courses and programs, thoughtful and innovative pedagogy, and, most notably, enrolled, retained, and successfully graduated students.

However, despite its value to our campus, and across SUNY, the work of contingent employees is often insufficiently compensated – save for occasional verbal expressions of appreciation or the bestowal of additional (unpaid) titles.

As our campus, our state, and indeed our nation quickly approach the precipice of a large, perhaps unprecedented economic recession, the time is now for Binghamton University to address this long-standing inequity regarding our contingent employees.

Therefore, we the undersigned urge Binghamton University Administration to commit to rehiring all contingent employees for the fall; instruct all Deans, Chairs, Program Directors, and Department Heads to prioritize the retention of contingent employees in their budgets; and take all possible measures to ensure continuity of existing health care benefits in this COVID19 pandemic.

In addition, we urge Binghamton University Administration to publicly join with the UUP Binghamton chapter in an aggressive campaign to secure more funding for SUNY and for Binghamton University, not only through federal aid, but also through increased tax revenue for our state.

Finally, we urge Binghamton University administration to commit to working in transparent collaboration with key stakeholders to identify all possible fiscal alternatives and revenue generating options.

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